Welcome to Intent Group

– an emerging group of Online Marketing Agencies in South America

Intent Group ApS is a Danish company building a group of Online Marketing Agencies in South America togther with local talents.
Our goal is to have an Intent Agency in all South American countries when the right time and talent are there…


Intent Agency

Intent Agency is an online marketing agency providing media agencies and direct clients with online marketing services.
All offices will provide a full list of online marketing services.



We believe in opening offices together with the right local talent – Intent Group provides all but the local talent.



For us online marketing is all about “the Intent”

  • – what’s the intent of the users?
  • – what’s the intent of our clients?

Our Intent is to deliver a professional and transparent service to our clients.


First Office

Our first office was successfully launched in May 2011.
Visit Intent Agency Bogota and contact CEO/Country Manager Fabio Rodriguez to hear more.