Make your business stand out with Google Posts – New Feature on Google My Business!

Google just recently moved Google Posts to Google My Business, so from now on, all verified businesses will have an opportunity to publish events, products, and services directly to Google Search and Maps. Create posts and increase the engagement with your customers when they find your business listing on Google! Be more visible on Google search and maps results for free!

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#5 Reasons Why Hoteliers Shouldn’t Rely on Online Travel Agencies

FACT: online travel agencies are growing fast, over 76% of online bookings happen via OTAs.

In the research, made in 2015, it was stated that online channels are growing even faster than the total European travel market. It is not a surprise – OTAs are considered the largest spenders on online advertising. They are moving forward very fast, improving rapidly and their technology implementation is absolutely fantastic. These OTAs efforts to attract more clients directly benefits hotels – it is an easy way to improve occupancy, without putting much effort and resources into advertising.

However, for hotels, the success of online travel agencies represents both an opportunity in terms of increased sales and promotion and at the same time a threat because of the huge commissions they need to pay and the rising competition for customers’ loyalty. That is the reason why small independent hotels have a love-hate relationship with OTAs. It can help you get more bookings, but this obviously comes with a price tag.

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What Hotel Business Needs to Know About the Micro Moments?

On the battlefield between desktop computers and mobile devices, the winner is obvious. Considerably more shopping searches, learning processes, local search queries and billions of other consumer actions are being made on the smartphones. Real-time moments have become new marketing strategy and brands are willing to predict every step while consumers are making decisions. That is why the micro moments are here for help!

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Google Goes Mobile – Prepare your website for Mobile-First Index!

So…What is Mobile-First Index?


From time to time Google “crawlers” visits your web and crawls it, then index it and ranks it.

Until now, Google used your desktop web version to index your web, but since the use of mobile devices increased significantly, now Google has started to use the mobile version of the web as their primary search engine index.


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