Visited Google Argentina & IAB Argentina

Meeting up with IAB Argentina CEO Charlie Shaw was really interesting.
Charlie and the IAB Argentina is doing a lot not only for their own members, but also to educate the market – going from broad seminars to┬ánow company training and its for free!
I’m a fan!

The meeting with Google Argentina was just as interesting – I like the fact that they call South America their fast growing market (even if South America isnt really one market, rigth) and that Google Argentina is doing a lot, too, to educate (and grow) the market.
And as always the Google office is impressive – sorry, but a no photo policy by them.. so only a small one.. ­čśë
Oh yes, and thanx for the hurge delicious steak!!

Visited Google Argentina

Busy days in Buenos Aires

Arrived in Buenos Aires Monday (19th) and it has been some busy and interesting days since.

My friends and hosts at Opterian has been helping me a lot, so we can get Intent Agency Argentina up an running within the next months.

Palermo Valley networking event
Tuesday was the day of PVN 27 – a networking event arranged by Palermo Valley

PVN27 was really amazing with lots of entrepreneurs with all from small to big projects, some live, some in closed beta, a couple of venture guys/guys + me…
– Buenos Aires definately is moving!

Got some good contacts and some leads into potential Intent Agency Argentina employees.

Wednesday was another busy day meeting both  potential partner companies/subproviders and an interview with a potential Country Manager of Intent Agency Argentina.


Lets meetup in Buenos Aires and Santiago de Chile!

The trip has been book and I will be in Buenos Aires from March 19. – 28. and probably in Santiago de Chile
a couple of days within that period.

So lets meetup and discuss Online Marketing in general and specific for Argentina/Chile!
And do you know anybody who might be interested starting up an Intent Agency with us… do bring them along.

Contact me at niels(a)intentagency(dot)co or twitter:klintoe


Intent Agency Colombia launch – May 25th 2011

Intent Agency Colombia is now live in Bogota

Yesterday was a busy day getting all in place for the Intent Agency launch event.
More than 50 people joined us for the launch in the nice HubBOG space – I really love that place!

Our keynote speaker were┬áAlan ÔÇťTropical GringoÔÇŁ Colmenares, I followed up with what Intent Group is planning to do in South America and our┬áCEO in Bogota Fabio Rodriguez presented ÔÇťwhatÔÇŁ Intent will be offering the marked.

CEO Fabio Rodriguez speaking at the launch event

A big thanx to all participant and the team for making this happening.

Bogota, Guayaquil and Lima on first trip

First trip to South America is in the planning and Bogota, Guayaquil and Lima will be included.
I will be arriving in Bogota on February 3rd and leaving February 16th – all in between is open for now…

Looking very much forward to meet some cool and talent people – and get a little further with the plans for setting up the first Intent Agency office…

Do you know anybody I should meet up with?