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About Dashboards

Dashboard – “board” or a “panel” which displays certain data and information. It is a very useful Online Marketing tool, it allows you to see important data almost in real-time (updated every 15 minutes). You can reach dashboard just in few seconds, and you don’t have to log in into several different accounts to download PDF sheets (Adwords, Analytics, etc.) to see data.

How does it work?

We firstly analyze your business’ needs and goals, then determine how to measure the achievement of the objectives and what data will be monitored to reach those objectives. To create a dashboard we need access to your Google Analytics, AdWords accounts and other analytics tools. We also sign the confidentiality agreement to ensure you that we won’t share your data with third parts. With the help of special software, our analyst forms a report panel and configures the data collected by traffic. Everything looks like normal curves and graphs. These charts are interactive and animated, which makes them easy to understand. Also, it looks impressive, and this is the opposite of “dry” and overloaded with numbers PDF reports. We create a dashboard “in the cloud” and give you the online access sou you could share it with team members, as well as with unauthorized people. You can always see the dashboard online, and it doesn’t require to have any specific software, you can also see the panels on mobile devices.

What can a Dashboard be used for?

Reports panels (Dashboards) are useful to track KPIs and other parameters such as the number of visitors in real time the page, how many users viewed certain products, how many of them purchased something or planning to purchase. Such data is constantly changing, if you checked the dashboard in the morning you might have different data in the evening.
This is especially useful for dynamic online sales, as well as in certain crisis situations, when it comes to real-time response to emerging situations and certain problems solutions.
We can create specific reports according to the specific needs of your business. We also offer a choice of 4 standard reports panels:

  • Traffic statistics with Google Analytics;
  • Google AdWords text advertising campaign effectiveness;
  • SEO optimization efficiency;
  • Sales process analysis (CDA);
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