Good News For Restaurant Owners – Menus on GMB Dashboard

We all know, how beneficial Google My Business is for business. Google has presented new GMB feature, that will make all restaurant owners happier. From now on all of the Google My Business listing owners will have an ability to add and edit their menus.

The menu editor is available in Info tab of your Google My Business dashboard. The editor lets owners edit the prices, titles and descriptions of items. It also lets to divide menu into sections like appetizers, entrees, desserts and so on.

This new feature will let your customers on mobile phones to see the menu directly on your GMD dashboard. Google believes that it will help restaurant owners to attract new clients easier.

Here is the simple instruction on how to use the new feature:

#1 Sign in to your Google My Business account;

Google My Business Sign In

#2 Go to “Info” tab;

Google My Business Info Tab

#3 Then you will see a new listing option – “Menu”. Once you click on it, you will see the form. Fill it in.

Google My Business Menu Section

#4 That’s it! You can now edit the menu whenever you want.

It is important to say that structured menus will now be available only for those, who are not connected to the third-party provider and have their businesses in English speaking locals.

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Greta Aukstakyte
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