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Google Adwords

Evaluate the performance of your AdWords campaigns’ only for 300€!

Is your AdWords advertising is effective? Are you using the right keywords? Do you get the maximum value out of AdWords? Do the results satisfy you? Do you have any doubts? If you are having these doubts – an independent expert can help you. He will analyze your AdWords account and campaigns, and provide expert solutions on what to do and how to do it to increase sales.

Why is it useful?

Do you create and manage ads on AdWords yourself? Or maybe you are assisted by an advertising agency or online marketing consultant? Do you trust their abilities? Maybe you think that ads can be done better more efficiently? Would you like to know how to run ads more effectively?
Would you like to know what should be corrected, what is done well, and what is not used at all? Independent Adwords expert with extensive experience in campaign creation and optimization and leading practical AdWords and Analytics training, analyze your campaign settings, selected keywords and promotional messages, statistics and other parameters.
You will receive a comprehensive analysis, specific tips on what to do to increase your sales so that your money could be spent more efficiently. This AdWords audit service is beneficial to all businesses that advertise through Google AdWords, and it does not matter whether the campaign was just one or many.

How does it work?

  • Our AdWords auditor access your account. You provide us with the connection, before that, we sign a
    confidentiality agreement. We never share clients’ data to third parties.
  • The auditor examines your current and past campaigns for more than 20 different criteria.
  • Auditor estimates and provides accurate remarks with suggestions of what can be done better.
  • Clear and easy to understand reports are formed in PDF format. The report is built manually, and this is a unique report to each client, not the standard report from your account.
  • After payment for AdWords audit service (regular price – 450€), the auditor sends the report in PDF via e-mail.

If there is a need, you can contact directly with the auditor, and consult on certain issues or obscure moments.Book AdWords Audit only for 150 euros and learn how your business can advertise online effectively. Fill out the form below and our auditors will contact you within 2-3 working days.

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