Google Analytics

Find out what your visitors are doing on your website – increase sales!

google analytics

Why Google Analytics?

You have a web page, but you would like to learn more about how visitors behave on your web? You can easily track your visitors’ actions with free professional customer behavior tracking tool – Google Analytics. We help our clients to track visitor behavior, explain which features are the most important to analyze statistics and come up with conclusions in relation of visitor behaviour and sales.

Google Analytics opportunities

Analytics capabilities are huge, however often we use just 10% of the total potential. The reason is that in most cases for non- professionals it is too difficult to use this free tool. This is not true! With our help, you will find that using Analytics is very simple and very useful for your business development.Analytics specifically gives an overview of how your page works. You can measure how many visitors come during the day, how many of them left your page and how many did something extra, how many times a visitor bought something or ordered goods or services offered (or at least started the process of purchasing). This information might be very useful while doing marketing campaigns. Therefore we will make it understandable for you, we will create a customized report in accordance with KPI (Key Performance Indicator) achievement of the targets, campaigns and other activity, marketing indicators and metrics. This tool is constantly being updated and improved, to be useful and easy to understand and of course to tell you what your visitors does on your web. Google Analytics as a tool is usually left behind, many users pay too little attention to it while doing marketing campaigns, so we are here to change this situation.

How do we help you?

We do everything that is related to Google Analytics:

  • We put Analytics codes on your site;
  • We identify your key business performance indicators (KPI) and decide which metrics will help you to measure performance;
  • Set the goals, which captures, whether a visitor performs actions that you want them to perform on your website (click the “Buy” button, subscribe the newsletter, sends the query, read text or view video);
  • Configure reports or dashboards that show only essential data based on which you will be able to optimize campaigns and to make business decisions;
  • We follow the motto “You can not manage what you do not measure”, so any decision is supported by the statistics and insights;
All of our marketing decisions are made reffering to Google Analytics statistics and data, so this tool is our main working tool and we want our customers to know what is actually going on their sites.
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