What Hotel Business Needs to Know About the Micro Moments?

On the battlefield between desktop computers and mobile devices, the winner is obvious. Considerably more shopping searches, learning processes, local search queries and billions of other consumer actions are being made on the smartphones. Real-time moments have become new marketing strategy and brands are willing to predict every step while consumers are making decisions. That is why the micro moments are here for help!


Micro moments, what are they?

In the era of smartphones, there has been an essential change in consumption of social media. So, where do the micro-moments appear? Mainly, they occur when people turn to a smartphone when they need to do something, learn, check something, find some information, or to buy something. These are the moments when consumers’ expectations are the highest. In these moments brands have an opportunity to deliver the exact thing, that person is looking for. According to the recent researches, 90% of smartphone users have used their phone to make progress toward a long-term goal or multi-step process. This proves, how vital smartphones have become to the consumers and how useful it may be for brands to predict their steps and wishes.


Opportunities for hotel business

First thing, which traveler makes before planning his journey is asking for help from a little personal advisor – smartphone! According to the latest consumer trends, this travel planning tendency has the highest impact on a travel industry. From now on, journey starts from the micro-moments, that tend to predict every request and decision explorers and travelistas are making. These moments help consumers to book your brand.

What is essential to know for every successful travel marketer, are these four travel moments:


  • I-want-to-get-away moments – these are all about travelers dreams. While traveler has no plans, this is a perfect moment to suggest your services. Moreover, that is the moment, when you have to know about new Google Hotel Ads.


  • Time-to-make-a-plan moments – that happens when traveler knows the destination and is planning all the other details such as flight, staying, activities etc. Google extremely useful ad for capturing these moments. Google My Business ad not only will help you to be visible, once you will optimize your business information you will be the first to find when traveler will be searching for hotels near him!


  • Let’s-book-it moments – that is when a customer is ready to make a reservation.  Google Hotel Ads is a perfect tool to capture them because it‘s all about the micro-moments. These ads not only will help you to be there, when your guests are searching for you, but also will make you the best option for them. Using the search engine or the maps, Google is giving users what they are looking for at the right time and naturally. With Google Hotel Ads, guests will be just one tap away from booking, as they can book directly on your property’s website.


  • Can’t-wait-to-explore moments – that is when the trip takes place and traveler is ready to experience the trip he was dreaming of. Want to help your customers to share their adventures? Keep being visible!


The longer and the more research is made in the traveler’s journey, the more micro-moments you can capture. Those micro moments are the vital part of hotel business since the competition is this industry is very high and this strategy can be the key to your success.

Greta Aukstakyte
Marketing Manager @Intent Agency. Digital Marketing Enthusiast & Communication expert.
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