Step-by-step guide how to get the ownership of your business listing right away

What to do if a former employee claimed your business listing with his/her private email account and haven’t transferred the ownership to you?

This question is one of the most asked questions regarding Google My Business. It is a very common situation when a former employee left the job and haven’t transferred the business listing ownership to the actual business owner. You must know that at all times the listing is owned by the person who verified the business.


Wondering if it is possible to get ownership of business listing that is already claimed and how to do it?

We have prepared a quick guide how to get back the ownership of your business listing in few easy steps.


But…Before going through the process try the easiest way: if you know who verified your business just try to contact the person and ask to add your email on GMB and set you as the owner.

However, if you’re no longer in contact with that person – it’s not a big deal. There is a simple procedure, that usually takes around from 1 to 2 weeks. Follow these steps:


#1 Go to


#2 Click SIGN IN


#3  As shown bellow in the screenshot, enter your business name, and choose your business from the dropdown menu. Then click CONTINUE.

claiming your business listing on GMB


#4 Now you’re able to see the beginning of email that was used when this business listing was verified. Maybe you’ll know the logins to it. If not – click REQUEST OWNERSHIP and then just follow the directions.

At this point Google requests the current owner to transfer the ownership to you. It will take about 1 week, Google waits for this time for current owner to see the email and to transfer the rights to you. If not, after this time you’ll be able to ask Google for help. Once you click “REQUEST OWNERSHIP” – you’ll be guided through all the ownership transfer process.

requesting ownership of your business listing on GMB


I hope you’ll find it useful! Good luck!


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