New advertising era for hotels: Google Hotel Ads

A week ago Filippo Fasolo, from AdsHotel, and Intent Agency invited representatives from hotels to taste the eggs Benedict from praised Gaspar’s restaurant and to bring “new winds” from Italy – New winds about a strong change in hotel advertising The Google Hotel Ads program.

Accompanied by the a cup of coffee, we sat with some big names such as Kempinski, Radisson, Congress, Comfort, Ramada and others hotel representatives. During the breakfast our idea-generator and the founder of AdsHOTEL – Filippo Fasolo presented one of the game changers in the market – Google Hotel Ads.

As the markets have grown, some big OTA’s had started to take over the whole booking market, leaving hotels actually dependent on them to get a lot of online customers. There is no secret that direct reservations are a key feature to a hotels every day success. Filippo had explained that hotel advertising will be changing very much, especially in the following couple of years. Right now 65% of travelers are looking for hotels in the internet. They are using a vast amount of tools which one the bigger ones is Google. Their service – Google Hotel Ads is the next big step to get more direct reservations to hotels and thus expanding their budget whilst saving commissions that are being paid to OTA’s.

We are happy that it caught big attention from our guests. Some of them left very good responses and were willing to discuss further details. We already had the opportunity to meet some hotel representatives in person and talk about what advantages AdsHOTEL would bring.

Being lead by this success we have assembled a team for Google Hotel Ads. Who will strive to help get more direct bookings, boost awareness, balance visitor traffic and research new markets.

Are you ready to take the step?

Intent Agency
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