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We’ll help you grow your business wih SEO.

SEO Search Engine Optimization

About Search Engine Optimization

How to increase online sales? How to get more traffic to your website? And how to make customers convert – buy goods or services on your page? Nowadays these are the most common questions when we talk about businesses selling online. One of the most effective tools to increase online sales – Search Engine Optimization for your website. It helps to attract more customers from the Google search to your page, and you don’t have to pay for a click. Of course, this requires a professional SEO optimization and other optimization actions. That is why we are here – to help you get more traffic to your web and grow profits. We as online marketing professionals will help you with SEO – organize your site, so it meets with all of Google “high-quality” website requirements. Our primary goal – increase sales by bringing customers from Google search to your website and encourage them to buys goods or services.

What can we offer?

Over the years we gathered a lot of experience in website optimization, our professionals are well aware of what works and what does not both locally and globally. Primarily we identify customer’s needs, set the goals, and come up with the best solution, which can help increase sales and get more traffic for your business. Our main purpose is to reach not only fast, but also long-term results.SEO services are also closely related to advertising on social networks, AdWords advertising and Google Analytics data analysis. Now you can get it all from one supplier. Get in touch for SEO service for your site and we will present you a plan on how to improve attainability and the traffic for your web. Let us do the job so that you could see the results.

How does it work?

Firstly, SEO audit is made – which cost 200€ (performed within 5 days, the money will be returned if signing a contract for SEO services). SEO project cost from 1,000€ to 3,000€.SEO project includes:

  • SEO website analysis and identification of defects;
  • Site content lesson preparation;
  • Source code changes documentation tasks;
  • 2 months of free consulting for developers and content creators;
  • SEO reporting panel (dashboard) creation;
  • 6 monthly reports on website SEO indicators and change.