Why HTTPS is So Important? Some Changes In Google Policy.

Google started to mark pages, that loaded with HTTPS on Google Chrome, as “secure” in October of last year. Also, some of the HTTP pages were marked as “unsecured”. These actions were done to show that safety of Google Chrome users is the priority. It was now announced that this year Google is going further and in July 2018 all of the HTTP websites will be marked as “unsecured”.

This article should help you, if you are worried, how these changes can affect your website and what can you do to protect your users.

First of all, let’s analyze what is the difference between HTTP and HTTPS.

At the beginning of websites you can see either http:// or https://. These are the abbreviation for HyperText Transfer Protocol and HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure. The main difference between them is the letter “S”, that makes HTTPS website much more secure. Why do we need the security?

A lot of websites require registration. For example, if you want to book a room in a hotel, you need to fill in all of the information, usually, you need to connect to your bank or PayPal account. This information stays confidential only if you are using HTTPS website. A lot of people don’t know this. That is why Google is making security changes.
Same goes for ecommerce websites, they also need to be secure
– and example of a HTTPS secure website is Christiania Bryghus.

Here are some benefits of HTTPS:


#1 It protects your website from interruption.


HTTPS helps if you want to avoid unwanted ads or viruses, that can appear in your users’ browsers while using your webpage. If your website is not secured, third parties can interrupt and break user’s experience.


#2 It protects the privacy of your users.


As mentioned, HTTPS keeps users’ information confidential. Even if your website any registration, information about their actions on your page is not secure and third parties can use it for their purposes.


#3 It is the future.


A lot of new web features, such as taking pictures, recording audios, offline app experience and other require HTTPS. So if you want your website to be progressive, you need to invest in getting HTTPS.


If your website is not loaded by HTTPS, there is the way to change it. You need to get SSL Certificate. You will need to get some professional help and pay for the Certificate. Every year you would have to renew the Certificate.

The only thing that seems problematic is that when you change HTTP to HTTPS your website address changes too. That means that all the SEO work you have done for the previous address may be gone. So don’t forget to redirect your HTTP website to your new secured page.

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Greta Aukstakyte
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