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Do you want to reach Russian speaking countries? Use Yandex Advertising!

Yandex Direct Advertising

About Yandex Advertising

Yandex – the most popular search engine in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan,& etc. In addition to the usual search results Yandex shows paid search results – ads that match the user’s query.

How does it work?

Just as usual search engine advertising – you have to choose the keywords that match your product, write ads that make geographic and other application settings, and you can start with campaigns. The main difference between Google Adwords advertising is that the next to the text ad logo can be displayed. And it is not possible to pay by company’s credit card – only bank transfers available.

What are the advantages?

When comparing Yandex advertising with other search engines, has certain advantages:

  • Yandex advertising has a very high reach, precisely in those countries where the main language is Russian.
  • “Yandex Direct” ads and Yandex search itself are better adapted to the Cyrillic alphabet and the Russian language structure.
  • “Yandex Direct” allows you to buy the “privileged” position in search results.
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