About Intent Agency

We thrilled to know your goals and even more eager to get you the best available solution today.

Who are we?

Digital marketing has been our thing since 2006. We are a certified Google Partners agency. We specialize in SEM (Search Engine Marketing) services with a big emphasis on Google Adwords and Google Analytics. We like to call ourselves a „Digital Boutique“ – a concept that has been defined by American Heritage® Dictionary (thefreedictionary.com):
„A small business offering specialized products and services“.

What we do

We do love Google tools. Because of that our main activities are advertising campaign planning and execution through Google AdWords, Youtube, Gmail and Google Display Network. But we also do quite some SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Social Media Marketing and advertising on other search websites. And as we are a firm believe in using data to improve campaigns, we are using Google Analytics to track every bit of activity on the website and outside.

We are Unique

We have been open for more than 10 years. A huge know-how and a lot of experience. We have touched at least 1.000 campaigns in all the different verticals. In Lithuania and foreign countries.
Our employees are certified specialists. By the way, we are one of of few companies in the Lithuania who has “Google Certified Trainers” in our staff.