Google Hotel Ads

Are you ready to get more direct bookings and discover new markets?

Google Hotel Ads, get more direct hotel bookings

Why use Google Hotel Ads?

A study made by the independent market research company Ipsos MediaCT shows that 65% of private and 69% of business stays are planned over the Internet. People are looking for information about their destination and hotel reservation possibilities. And they are using search engines like Google.
Our goal is to help your hotel get your share of the bookings done through Google Hotel Ads, which has exclusively been available for the large OTA like, and etc.
Google Hotel Ads is the Google service letting users browse hotels, availability and price directly in the search results, and then move on to do the booking.
Often hotels are using services provided by OTAs like and paying a commission between 15% and 25%. With our service and platform we can help your hotel compete in the Google Hotel Ads area and turn the customers searching into direct bookings, instead of OTA “owned” customers.

How does Google Hotel Ads work?

1. Your Property Management System, Channel Manager or Booking engine is connected with our AdsHotel platform.

2. We create an account and start the campaigns.

3. One of our experts watches over your account and optimizes it.

4. We provide you with reports, access to the platform and suggestions to improve your position in the market.

5. The ads are paid by a Cost Per Click (CPC) model.

6. The ads are only visible when people are searching for a hotel close to your hotel location.

Google Hotel Ads benefits

  • Not only will you be able to get direct bookings from Google/Google Hotel Ads – our platform also give you access to advertise on Trivago, TripAdvisor, Kayak and Skyscanner.
  • The costs are the Marketing Budget (for the clicks), platform fee and campaign administration (looking after and optimizing). No commissions.
  • With Google Hotel Ads you’ll be there when people actually are in need of a hotel – you will not spend(lose) money on people who might see your ad without being interested in traveling and booking.
  • All campaigns are connected to your Google Analytics account, so it’s easy to measure the effectiveness of the campaigns.
  • Google AdWords is definitely a great service, but because Google Hotel Ads are targeted and very visible you’ll see a much better Return of Investment (ROI).