New Feature – Hotel Prices available on Google Maps!

Google Maps are considered to be the most helpful web mapping service, not only it helps clients to find what they are searching for, but also make businesses visible and accessible online. Haven’t heard yet about their new feature? No worries! We are here to assure that you will be the first to know about it.


Google just started testing out the new feature, that might change hotel booking game. The main purpose of this feature is displaying the price of a hotel right on the mobile map. Usually, you can see the pins or small icons showing the location of hotels. As for the new feature, Google is showing the actual prices, which can totally change the way of bookings. A new search engine will let traveler pick the dates and then provide the list of local hotels with prices. What considers listings, they will be ranked according to their importance, travelers interests, and other significant factors.


This feature was first spotted by Sergey Alakov who shared it on Twitter. Here’s the first screenshot he captured:

google hotel price tags selected map

Here’s what we found on Google Maps:

Hotel Prices on Google Maps


No doubt, that there is a possibility to book a stay from the hotel site. However, it‘s faster to be just one click away from booking. Google Maps are stepping their game up and it‘s extremely important to follow every change they‘re making. Stay tuned!

Greta Aukstakyte
Marketing Manager @Intent Agency. Digital Marketing Enthusiast & Communication expert.
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